New Graphic


Hello and thank you for visiting my new and improved website! It is with great joy (and a bit of nervousness) that I announce I am in the process of redoing the Clarion of Destiny series. After finishing the series, I received lots of positive feedback, saying the books were engaging and kept readers at the edge of their seats. I also received lots of feedback on my spelling and grammatical errors that was not quite so flattering. Although I have dozens more books in me, I was not comfortable leaving this series in the state it was in. So I decided to spend whatever time was necessary to edit and proofread the series and give my readers the quality they deserve. If you are new to Clarion of Destiny, welcome and I hope you will appreciate the adventures of Leena as much as I do.

You may have noticed the website and novels have a new look and feel. I would like to thank artist Amber Mac for her wonderful artwork for the updated Clarion of Destiny covers. You can find a link to her gallery in the Links section of this website!

I have also added a blog post here for two reasons. One is to pass along to fellow writers some of my perspective on the profession we have chosen. The other is to give my readers an easy way to contact me. Your comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated. If there is anything you would like to see in this web page, please do not hesitate to ask.

Franz Stephen McLaren