Home Lost

Frightened and alone, Leena must discover what evil has brought her stumbling upon the Garlan Branch, a legendary artifact that only appears when great evil plagues the land. After discovering her town has been burned to the ground, and her family has vanished, Leena must decide who she can trust in this time of turmoil, and just how far her incomplete hedge-witch training will take her.

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Fantastic Fantasy novel!

This was a great read! The reader is pulled in right from the prologue and can't put it down! The main character, Leena, is chosen by a magical tree to get the Garlan branch: a powerful wand. Thus begins a chain of events that sends Leena on a perilous journey north to find the Great Wizard. Along the way she meets a number of fantastic characters, allies and enemies alike! The characters are all well developed and it is clear that the author put a great deal of thought into the plot and the backstory as well. Leena is still young and untrained and the reader gets to watch her grow and mature as the novel progresses. McLaren paints a beautiful world and the reader can just immerse themselves in it. I felt like I was shivering along with Leena in the cold. Home Lost, the first novel in the Clarion of Destiny series, ended with a satisfying conclusion, but - as any good book in a series does - left the reader wanting more. I highly recommend this book and can't wait to start the next one!

- 5 stars , Barnes and Noble reviewer